Sandra (boltedtofloor) wrote in scandgrey,

dun nah nah

Well, kiddos, I went over today, but hey, it's not by too much. I'll be a trooper and say that much at least.

Cereal: 130 cals 3.5 g fat
Milk: 120 cals 5 g fat

Salad: 148 cals (love those online calorie calcs) 1.5 g fat
Chocolate milk: 150 cals 2.5 g fat

Dinner: (here's where I killed myself. Damn Taco Bell to hell. But thank god they have a nutrition menu on their website)
Chalupa: 390 cals 24 g fat
Pintos 'n Cheese: 180 cals 7 g fat (actually, this isn't bad for a snack when I really need something with a kick later)
Chicken Quesadilla: 540 cals 30 g fat
Small Pepsi: 100 cals

Total: 1758 calories 73.5 g fat (ouch)

Exercise: Again, the performance wore me out. Once I get to the workout plan, I'll be able to find a calculator online that can calculate the approx. ammount of calories I burn when I work out. until then I'm not going to worry about that.
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calculates calories for a TON of foods as well as calories burned based on type of exercise and length of session.. it also has great graphs that show your ratio of carbs to protein to fat, and weight progress.. Completely free!