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The P.F.C.

The Personal Fitness Community

The Personal Fitness Community
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The P.F.C. is a fitness/ weight-loss community that's admission is by application only. This IS NOT a rating community. We simply wish to accept members who are truly overweight by at least ten pounds, dedicated to their health, and serious about weight-loss. The application is not intended to humiliate, but simply to inform the moderators, boltedtofloor and santa_is_dead, of your statistics and your interest in weight-loss.

Allow us to make this clear, and the deepest apologies if this appears insensitive, this community is anti eating disorder. We will not accept members that are under-weight and we will not encourage any eating disorder. That is simply because it's vital that each of our members show support, understanding, and compassion, and to allow a person harboring an eating disorder to go unnoticed would undermine these principles.

Rules For Applicants:

Please, be very truthful. We are not here to judge you, per se, simply to find out information about you so that we can help you later.

Answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Leave nothing unanswered.

Show respect to all members and trust that all members will reciprocate.

Rules For Members:

Respect all applicants. You will not be rating them. This is not a rating community.

You may voice your opinions and give advice, but do not tease or admonish. We are not here to badger or to be one's mother.

Keep a Food and Excercise Journal. Record your calorie intake in your personal (offline or otherwise) journal, and transfer the data here.

The 1st and 15th of every month are weigh-in days.

It's important that we know you're progressing. How else will we give support, advice or congratulations?


Short-Term Goal:
Long-Term Goal:
Lowest Weight:
Highest Weight:

1) What is your current caloric intake per day?

2a)Have you ever attempted weight-loss before?
b)If yes, how many pounds did you lose?

*3) Are you a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian?

*4) Are you a vegan?

5) Do you have any thyroid problems (this can
sometimes hinder weight-loss attempts)

6)How much exercise would you say you have per week?

7) Are you currently enrolled in a fitness center?

8) Do you practice yoga or pilates?

9)When are the times you eat the most (i.e. depressed, bored, scared)?

10)Are you, or have you ever been, anorexic or bulimic (this will not necessarily keep you from being accepted, but the moderators will have to get in touch with you to ask a few precautionary questions)?

* Semi-Vegetarians eat chicken and fish, while Vegans take in absolutely NO animal products whatsoever, including dairy and eggs.

We strongly encourage that you record, for a week, you daily caloric intake and activities before you try to diet.
We can then understand what it is that you may need to do more/less of to gain a healthier lifestyle. Also, we are not claiming to be professionals of any kind.
We strongly encourage that you ask your doctor for advice before trying any new diet or exercise.
We simply have tried to educate ourselves as much as possible on weight loss, and are attempting to find others who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle as well

Okay, once that has been filled out, please send it to thePFClj@exite.com or post it on the community and either santa_is_dead or boltedtofloor will contact you with our decision.

It's must be stressed that this is not a rating community. We're not interested in what your favorite bands are, where you stand on pressing issues, or if you can make us laugh. What we're interested in is helping you lose weight with support and confidence.