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wow, today was really easy

I've found that there are actually alot of foods that are really filling and not so bad for you. Take a look at what I had today:

Breakfast: Cereal: 130 cals 3.5 g fat
Milk: 120 cals 5 g fat

Lunch: Salad 148 cals 1.5 g fat
Chocolate milk (1 %) : 75 cals 1.25 g fat

Dinner: McDonalds Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad: 200 cals 6 g fat
Newman's own Ceasar Dressing: 190 cals 18 g fat
Butter Garlic Croutons: 50 cals 1.5 g fat

Snacks/Dessert: McDonald's Fruit n Yogurt parfait: 160 cals 2 g fat
Cereal: 130 cals 3.5 g fat
Milk: 120 cals 5 g fat

Totals: Calories: 1323 Grams of Fat: 47.25

I've started to realize some of the best food is the healthier stuff. Like the salad I had at McD's. I personally hate McD's. I usually hate fast food in general...except Taco Bell. But that salad was like no other. Maybe it was just the dressing, I don't know, but it was really good. Then I saw on the web site how few calories it had.
And they're the good kind.
Also, keeping track of everything I eat is really helpful. And eating only when I am really hungry.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Exercise: 15 mins calestetics. Crunches, reverse crunches, push ups, and a few pilates exercises. I took my med too early and I can barely balance, so I kept it low maintenence.

A few things I remembered today:

Fidget. Alot. You burn a few more calories a day.
When you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, clench your stomach muscles for 30 secs/a min, relax, clench again. One time I saw an interview with a fitness person on TV and he suggested that. He said it's really good for your stomach.
sugar free jello makes a great flavorful snack.
so does yogurt, and parfait. fresh fruit and veggies are ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. My personal favorites are strawberries because they have so much flavor.
Ice cold water ups your metabolism a little. And it feels good to your throat. Drink it alot. I mean it.
Man, I'm all type-y when I take my meds. I'll quit now. Hope my advice helps a bit.
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