Sandra (boltedtofloor) wrote in scandgrey,

dun nah nah

Well, kiddos, I went over today, but hey, it's not by too much. I'll be a trooper and say that much at least.

Cereal: 130 cals 3.5 g fat
Milk: 120 cals 5 g fat

Salad: 148 cals (love those online calorie calcs) 1.5 g fat
Chocolate milk: 150 cals 2.5 g fat

Dinner: (here's where I killed myself. Damn Taco Bell to hell. But thank god they have a nutrition menu on their website)
Chalupa: 390 cals 24 g fat
Pintos 'n Cheese: 180 cals 7 g fat (actually, this isn't bad for a snack when I really need something with a kick later)
Chicken Quesadilla: 540 cals 30 g fat
Small Pepsi: 100 cals

Total: 1758 calories 73.5 g fat (ouch)

Exercise: Again, the performance wore me out. Once I get to the workout plan, I'll be able to find a calculator online that can calculate the approx. ammount of calories I burn when I work out. until then I'm not going to worry about that.
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